B. Current Supplementary Guidance

Approved Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes (SPGs)

  1. Design Guide for Shop Fronts, Advertisements and Security in Ormskirk Town Centre Conservation Area (1993)
  2. Cobbs Clough Employment Area, Whalleys, Skelmersdale (1997)
  3. Specifications for Works to Listed Buildings (1997)
  4. Trees and Development (1998)
  5. Landscape Submissions (1998)
  6. Site Planning, Layout and Design (1998)
  7. Landscape Design (1998)
  8. Dalton Village Design Statement (1999)
  9. Land to the West of Stanley Industrial Estate, Skelmersdale (2000)
  10. Open Space or Recreational Provision related to Residential Development – Revision (2001)
  11. Whalleys Housing Sites, Skelmersdale plus Mixed Development (2000)
  12. Skelmersdale Town Centre (2000)
  13. Erection of Stable Buildings in the Green Belt (2001)
  14. Domestic Extensions and Outbuildings and Replacement Dwellings in the Green Belt (2000)
  15. Ormskirk Grammar School Site, Ruff Lane, Ormskirk (2002)
  16. Hattersleys Site, Burscough Road, Ormskirk (2004)
  17. Accomodation for Seasonal Agricultural Workers (2003)
  18. The Conversion of Rural Buildings in the Green Belt (1997)
  19. Managing Housing Land Supply (2004)
  20. Affordable Housing (2004)

Future Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

  1. Development and Flood Risk
  2. Developer Contributions
  3. Marketing Exercises
  4. Former TPT Site, Railway Road, Skelmersdale
  5. Skelmersdale Town Centre
  6. Design of Development
  7. Open Space/Recreation Provision

Dates for preparation, and any further SPDs to be prepared, will be set out in the latest Local Development Scheme.

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Disclaimer: This adopted West Lancashire District Proposals Map forms the 'lower tier' of the two-tier Plan in Lancashire. The 'upper tier' comprises the Lancashire Structure Plan.