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Development Strategy Policies

DS1 location Of Development
DS2 Protecting The Green Belt
DS3 Safeguarded Land
DS4 Open Land On The Urban Fringe

General Development Policies

GD1 Design Of Development
GD2 Developer Contributions To Infrastructure
GD3 Development Of Contaminated Land

Protecting and Enhancing the Environment

EN1 Biodiversity
EN2 Protection Of Agricultural Land
EN3 Coastal Zone
EN4 Conservation Areas
EN5 Buildings Of Historic Importance
EN6 Archaeological Heritage
EN7 Protection Of Historic Parks And Gardens
EN8 Green Spaces
EN9 Protection Of Trees And Woodlands
EN10 Flood Risk
EN11 Protection Of Water Resources

Development and Economy

DE1 Residential Development
DE2 Whalleys, Skelmersdale
DE3 Affordable Housing Development
DE4 Caravan Sites For Gypsies And Travelling Show People
DE5 Employment Development
DE6 The Rural Economy
DE7 Agricultural Produce Packing Facilities
DE8 Accommodation For Temporary Agricultural/ Horticultural Workers
DE9 Removal Of Agricultural Workers Dwelling Conditions
DE10 Retail And Other Town Centre Development
DE11 Skelmersdale Town Centre
DE12 Ormskirk Town Centre
DE13 Business And Office Development
DE14 Development Opportunity Sites
DE15 Tollgate Road /pippin Street, Burscough
DE16 Former Hattersley Works, Burscough Road, Ormskirk
DE17 tourism Development Policy Not Saved
DE18 advertisements Policy Not Saved

Social and Community

SC1 Sports, Recreational, Leisure And Cultural Facilities
SC2 Recreation Facilities
SC3 Linear Parks
SC4 Educational Facilities
SC5 Health Facilities
SC6 Roads
SC7 Public Transport
SC8 Land At The Railway Pad, Appley Bridge
SC9 Cycling And Walking Facilities
SC10 Infrastructure, Services And Utilities
SC11 Telecommunications
SC12 Renewable Energy
SC13 Cemeteries And Crematoria

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Disclaimer: This adopted West Lancashire District Proposals Map forms the 'lower tier' of the two-tier Plan in Lancashire. The 'upper tier' comprises the Lancashire Structure Plan.