Development and Economy

Development Opportunity
Employment Area
Industrial / Business Site
Local Shopping Centre
Ormskirk Business Area
Ormskirk Town Centre
Primary Shopping Centre
Retail & other TC Development
Skelmersdale Town Centre
Whalleys, Skelmersdale

Development Strategy

Development in Main Settlements
Green Belt
Historic Park
Main Settlement in Skelmersdale
Protected Land
Rural Settlement
Safeguarded Land


Ancient Monuments
Coastal Zone
Conservation Area
Green Space
Major Corridor
Nature Conservation Site
Site of Special Scientific Interest

General Development

Landscape History
Natural Areas

Social and Community

Amenity Open Space, Sport and Recreation
Improved Rail Services
Land at the Railway Pad
Linear Park
Ormskirk Bypass
Proposed Informal Recreation Facilities
Protection of Rail Route
Public Transport
Quality Bus Route
Rail Services
Rail Services